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November 28, 2009, 7:59 pm
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I came back from the 8 hour drive from my parents house to be greeted by 927 messages in my Google Reader.  While skimming, I noticed a recurring theme of Thanksgiving posts.  People were thankful for the little things they could find to be happy about in their broken, normally unhappy families.  They were thankful for pie to stop the fighting or football so they could escape conversation.  Some were thankful for larger things – having a job in this economy, children, that they still have family alive to celebrate with.  And I’m thankful for all those things too – pie, football, jobs… but I have to be really honest today, on this Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my perfect, wonderful, amazing family.  My Dad, who is alive and vibrant after a lung transplant, who can joke and tease and tell me that he loves me, who can take me on a ride and get my dog to swim in a swamp and still show me he’s my hero.  My mom, who is actually a candidate for sainthood, who cooks and cleans, and makes sure everyone feels not just included, but superbly, brilliantly adored and loved, and beyond all that, let my dog back in the house after he went swamp diving.  My brother, who bickers with me and teases me, and takes care of me like no one else – who else would, all in one day, get the movie I wanted, clean (and VACUUM) my car, walk my dog, clean (thoroughly!) my mom’s kitchen, and bring the plug that I forgot.  My sister-in-law, who, at 7 months pregnant, made the best dish for Thanksgiving, made a conscious effort to share gifts for her baby with me (ME!), who is kind and inviting and PERFECT for my brother, who came to spend time with us when she has her own parents who want to be with her, and who washed my dog.  My aunt and uncle and cousins who came and complimented my one and only favorite pup, who came to spend time with us and enjoy us when I’m sure they had a million other things to do.

I am unapologetically thankful for having the best, most Rockwell-ian, kindest, most inclusive, most wonderful family in the world.  Thanksgiving, today, and everyday.  I’m thankful for lots of other things too – jobs, always pie, that UT won (HOOK ‘EM!) – but more than anything else, I am thankful to be a Bellamy.


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