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Weddings, Halibut, and Spinach
August 4, 2009, 10:13 pm
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The wedding was wonderful.  Morgan married her suave foreigner, I got to see some old college friends, and they had filet mignon and an open bar.  I gave her the recipe book with some Texas ingredients – including Stubb’s BBQ sauce and Fort Worth made salsa – and hopefully she’ll get a kick out of it.  We got to stay with Chris’ family, which was nice.  They made us some delicious salmon the first night, and took us out for a fun lunch at Chuy’s too.  I also got to see my brother and sister in law on the way back, which was way fun.  They took us out to a Mexican restaurant I’ve never been to before in Fort Worth, The Original.  Fabulous weekend.

Which led into an awful week at work, and it’s only Tuesday.  So today I did some shopping therapy, which in Cilla-world means grocery shopping with a vengeance.  I got some great stuff – monterey jack and habenaro stuffed chicken sausage, Dippin’ Dots in single serving size containers (Dippin’ Dots makes me think of Wet and Wild (which is now, stupidly, Hurricane Harbor) and sunscreen and hot summer days in Fort Worth), and good bacon, and avocados, and lots of other fantastic stuff.

And tonight, with my fresh groceries, I made Halibut Meuniere*, roasted petite red potatoes and spinach.  Chris’ parents gave me a monumental amount of herbs from their flourishing herb garden (see first post about WildCilla the garden serial killer).  I got dill, basil, a tree’s worth of rosemary, oregano, chives and a fresh jalapeno.  I used the rosemary and chives on the potatoes, the oregano (and garlic and a shallot and some nutmeg) on the spinach, and added the dill and oregano to the sauce for the halibut.  I was pretty proud of myself for using all the different kinds of herbs.  Perhaps I can prepare myself to return to work for a Wednesday after that.

*Halibut Meuniere is a really fancy way of saying halibut with a butter and lemon sauce.  See, it sounded better before I described it, right?


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