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July 21, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Today, I want these chairs for myself.

Please only consider the one on the left

Please only consider the one on the left

Someone on Craigslist is selling them for $10.  I think they are meant to be mine.  Mainly the one on the left, without the rips.  Chris hates them.  But I think they’re wonderful.  What do you think?  Imagine them replacing my horrible cheap Target office chair with vintage, green, wrought iron awesomeness.

That’s what I want for me.  Ok.  I know this is a little weird.  But I might, maybe, just a little bit, and I will totally delete it if my brother and his wife think this is totally inappropriate and weird, be creating an Amazon list for things I want to buy for their new little baby.  Maybe.  Chris also says that this is weird.  But he doesn’t like my chairs either.  Anyway, this is on the list.

It's a Pictorial Webster's Dictionary!

It's a Pictorial Webster's Dictionary!

Ok, I just realized it’s the same color green as the chairs.  Maybe that’s why Chris says this is weird.  No, probably has more to do with Amazon lists for babies for five years or so in the future.  Whatever.

Anyway, it’s a Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary!  Wouldn’t it be fun to teach someone to read with a fancy dictionary with pictures?  Or to be able to look up fun words that have pictures too?!  I want one for myself, future baby, you can wait.  I entered in the drawing on the Chronicle Books website for it.  You should too.  (OK, believe me, I already know I’m a nerd.  I’m blogging about a dictionary.  I get it.)

So those are the things I want today.  Anyone else find green things they want off the internet today?


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This is cracking me up and making me miss you like craazy!!!

Comment by Jess

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