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Next Day Update on Nectarine Frozen Pie
July 16, 2009, 5:09 am
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So the pie was good.  Especially the next day once it sat in the freezer overnight and was super frozen.  But… always improving.  So, thoughts.

I wanted it to be zestier, more of a kick, and definitely sweeter.  So I think I will make it next time with ginger cream, and top it off with fresh sliced nectarines.

For my version this last time, I pureed about 3/4 of the nectarines.  Mainly because I have a fancy new hand blender, and because it told me to use a potato masher and mine is made of plastic and does not do the trick.  So I’m glad I did that – I like the pieces and also the flavor throughout.  Next time I would keep a few to make a pretty design on the top.

As far as ginger cream… I made my beautiful pregnant sister in law Jen some ginger cinnamon caramels in an attempt to combat morning sickness.  (Ginger’s supposed to help, I did research!)  She said they worked pretty well, actually.  Anyway, you steeped cream with ginger and cinnamon to make the base.  And the cream was utter bliss. I used it in my coffee the next day and swooned. Delicious.

So, if you can whip cream that has been steeped, which the Chowhounds say you can, then I would use ginger cream to knock this pie up a notch.  The recipe called for one cup of cream, which was whipped with 2 tbls sugar.  So if you steeped the cream with ginger (peeled, thinly sliced, just a small handful) by just letting it heat to just under a simmer, turning off the heat, letting it cool and then refrigerating it overnight, straining it out in the morning, and now we call it ginger cream… Use that steeped cream with a few extra tablespoons of sugar…  I think this pie could be a showstopper.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  It was pretty good as it was, but I think next time it will be better.

Next update will be for appetizers for a wine party and maybe some of smitten kitchen’s blondies for dessert. Or maybe something else from her website for dessert… I will have a girl to talk to! I’m giddily excited about the possibility of talking about food and plans and plants and girly things instead of WOW and soccer and manly things that currently consume my life filled with men.


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Mmm, ginger cream. I would swoon too. I did swoon at the ginger candies, and in a good way not a morning sick way! You’re the best, sis!

Comment by Jen

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