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Nectarine Pie
July 15, 2009, 4:27 am
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I thought I had a lot to complain about today. My car’s air conditioning stopped working and it’s 103 outside. My house is dirty. I’m lonely in Lubbock. However, I realized all would be well and I will not whine because… I have nectarines!! Juicy sweet peachy goodness without the fuzz. And I have three! So I pondered (seriously, for several hours today) what I want to do with them. I could just eat them, of course, but then I wouldn’t get the whole ‘nectarine experience’ – smelling them and peeling them and thinking about them while I’m cooking and sneaking bites and enjoying the final product after nectarine anticipation. Come on, you have to work with the little things here. My kitchen is my zen place.
So, anyway, I pondered. Nectarine upside down cake? Nectarine muffins? Roasted stuffed nectarines? Gingered peach cobbler?

Notice how all of those ideas involve the oven or stove? Remember how I mentioned it’s 103 outside? I’m making The Kitchn’s Nectarine Frozen Pie.

This is gonna be awesome. I’ll show you if I can remember how my camera works after I sink into frozen nectarine bliss.


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Cilla, I’m loving your blog! I’m just going to comment here on several things. First, I love the green chairs and I would love our baby to have a green pictorial dictionary. I’m a nerd too and love to look through dictionaries. Second, your description of nectarines is making my mouth water. The past two times we’ve gone grocery shopping I’ve had to use every ounce of will power I have, along with the knowledge of the unsafety of pesticides, not to jump into the nectarine bin and gorge on them right then and there. Then I was in nectarine bliss as soon as I could get home and wash the beautiful fruit. Third, my thumb is not just brown, it’s black. Bryan indulged me with a garden, and I’ve lost two cucumber plants, two squash, a bell pepper, and our strawberries are about to become a lost cause. They wouldn’t have survived a week in Lubbock!

Comment by Jen

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